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Last updated: 15.05.2017

I do realise that visitors looking for useful information on this website and would like to see some examples of my recent cases. Here are a few typical issues I have advised my clients in the past:
  • Agreement on preparation and placement of board advertisement during 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia for UK and global manufacturer and distributor of infection control products. 

  • Buyout of the Russian language newspaper in London for international media publishing group. Recruitment services agreement for Russian subsidiary of the UK innovative resourcing and recruitment solutions consultancy.

  • Due diligence services on supplier of diesel gasoil from Rostov region of Russia for British oil trading company.

  • Purchasing additional stakes and appointment of new general director to a subsidiary company for electrical parts and equipment supplier.

  • Search for and negotiations with direct supplier of English well-known porcelain brands for Russian porcelain trading company.

  • Agreement on equipment supply for an engineering company, manufacturer of cake production lines. Equipment will be installed in Vladimir Region of Russia by one of multinationals, the second largest food and beverage company in the world.

  • Reliability and due diligence services for Anglo-American Brand Identity & Design Agency on their trading partners from Siberian region of Russia before their entering into Contractual Agreement on Identity Development for Chain of Coffee Shops.

  • Agreement on buyout of the Russian language newspaper in London for international media publishing group.

  • Execution of a hotel interior design contract with one of the world's leading premier hotel companies in Russian city of Sochi in Krasnodarsky Krai, for interior design practice. Hotel is to be built before Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games start in February 2014.

  • Entering the Russian market, GOST & Russian Ministry of Health certificationand registration of medical device and equipment, for a manufacturer and supplier of infection control products. 

  • Application of Russian law to End-User Software Licence Contract for a company delivering software solutions for pharmaceutical industry.

  • Resolution of Complexity in existing rules for organisation and registration of sweepstakes in Russia, for sales promotion agency.

  • Following necessary terms and conditions in the process of registration of reversed auction bidding in Russia, internet auction company.

  • Agreement on employment of company’s Russian contractor for research, development and programming of software products, hotel reservation software company.

  • Methods of "Invention" patenting in Russia for inventions development company; due diligence services related to their partner company from Russia; drafting and translation of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement.

  • Enforcement of agency agreement and resolution of dispute with Russian customer, creative design consultancy.

  • Market and industry research and analysis in Kaliningrad region; setting up a company to deal with the packing of food supplements in the Special economic zone (SEZ) in the Kaliningrad, rental of premises for company production, employment of 10 persons staff, customs clearance and certification of production, producer of food supplements.


Other News...

February 7, 2017 MegaFon strikes 2018 Fifa World Cup deal

Russian firm named as communications infrastructure partner of tournament. 

Telecoms firm MegaFon has been announced as the official communications infrastructure partner of the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.

The Moscow-based company secured the 4.25 billion ruble (US$71 million) contract to supply internet and communications infrastructure to the 11 host stadiums for the global soccer showpiece, as well as to the training camps for all 32 teams, hotels, organising committee facilities and data centres across the country.

“Winning the competition gives us the opportunity to show all the advantages of MegaFon infrastructure," said Sergey Soldatenkov, chief executive of MegaFon. "Having experience of working at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi and the Universiade in Kazan, we can guarantee the highest-quality connection and internet at top speed."

MegaFon is part-owned by Alisher Usmanov, a shareholder in English Premier League soccer side Arsenal, while Farhad Moshiri, majority owner of their rivals Everton, is also believed to own shares in the company. ....›

May 26, 2016 Harvard University, Contract Law Course

Just completed Contract Law Course,  study offered by Harvard Law School under the guidance of Prof. Charles Fried, the Beneficial Professor of Law at Harvard University since 1961.  He served as Solicitor General of the United States and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

October 27, 2015 Sports Business Daily. Vladimir Kozlov. Russia Considering Allowing Sports TV Channels To Take Bets On Matches.

Russia is considering allowing sports TV channels to take bets on matches in a move that would become a game changer for the local betting industry. Russian news agency Interfax quoted Natalya Parshikova, deputy sports minister, as saying that "the issue of allowing organizations that own TV rights to sports events to take bets on their results" is being discussed. If the idea is adopted, new powerful players are to come to Russia's $2.4B-a-year betting industry, in which TV networks were never involved before. Industry insiders say that the arrival of new players like that would only benefit the industry, but getting set up for a bookmaking business wouldn't be easy for a TV network. ....›

August 7, 2015 Gambling Compliance. Lina Sennevall. Russia To Relax Betting Ads Ahead Of World Cup.

Russia’s government is proposing relaxed advertising rules for bookmakers in a bid to boost sports clubs and media companies ahead of the country hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Russian business lawyer Sergey Naumkin said the government believes the advert changes could be "vital" before the football World Cup. ....›

Новое в законодательстве об учете трудового стажа.

21 декабря, 2014. С 1 января 2015 года в России вводится новый порядок формирования и расчета пенсии. Происходит это в связи с принятием Федерального закона от 28.12.2013 № 400-ФЗ "О страховых пенсиях". Тем кто живет в Англии и добровольно за себя уплачивает пенсионные взносы нужно до 1 января 2015 года предоставить сведения о трудовом стаже, чтобы по новому законодательству их пенсионные права были сформированы в полном объеме.

С этого времени вводится новый порядок формирования и расчета пенсии. Все пенсионные права, заработанные до этой даты, должны быть конвертированы в баллы. В настоящее время специалисты Пенсионного фонда проводят работу с гражданами, в индивидуальных лицевых счетах которых отсутствуют сведения о периодах работы до регистрации в системе персонифицированного учета.

Пробелы в данных о трудовом стаже наблюдаются в основном у тех, кто в 2003-2004 годах не работал, либо занимался предпринимательской деятельностью. По данным Отделений ПФР, таковых в каждом регионе насчитываются десятки тысяч человек. Всем кто проживает в Росси были разосланы уведомления с просьбой подойти в управление ПФР по месту жительства с паспортом, страховым свидетельством, трудовой книжкой и другими документами, подтверждающими периоды работы, в том числе в особых условиях труда. К сожалению, тем кто проживает за рубежом сделать это довольно проблематично. Хотя в пенсионном фонде меня заверили что российские консульства уже получают от пенсионного фонда инструкции об учете сведений о трудовом стаже, ни на одном из сайтов диппредставительств России за рубежом такие сведения мне найти не удалось.

Сама процедура в России такова, что подачей сведений о трудовом стаже, занимаются главные бухгалтера предприятий, они с 01.01.2002 года когда начался сам учет стажа в ПФ и подают сведения о работниках в виде специальной формы СЗВ-К. С этого времени если за работника уплачиваются пенсионные взносы на предприятии стаж и учитывается. Но по другому обстоит дело со стажем до 2002 года. Он есть в трудовой книжке, но учтен в пенсионном фонде лишь у тех кто либо самостоятельно об этом позаботился, либо предприятие на котором он работает эти сведения за него подало. Поэтому для россиян в Анлии по моему мнению сейчас есть два выхода из этой ситуации - ехать в Россию и по месту регистрации в пенсионном фонде самим подавать эти сведения - либо через представителя в России, например через фирмы занимающиеся сдачей сведений по бухучету в автоматическом режиме, с использованием системы СКБ Контур.

Второе гражданство и доказательства постоянного проживания за рубежом (Великобритания) 

1 сентября, 2014. C 4 августа 2014 года вступил в силу новый закон, устанавливающий обязанность российских граждан уведомлять Федеральную миграционную службу России о наличии у них второго и каждого последующего иностранного гражданства, а также видах на жительство. Освобожденными от этой обязанности оказались лишь те россияне, кто постоянно проживает за пределами России.

В связи с чем появилась необходимость в доказательствах постоянного проживания за рубежом для предоставления в ФМС или при паспортном контроле на российской границе. На территории Великобритании на мой взгляд такими документами могут быть паспорт гражданина Великобритании, вид на жительство, справка о постановке на консульский учет, справка-подтверждение статуса налогового резидента (Certificate of Residence) из HM Revenue & Customs, справка-подтверждение о регистрации в качестве плательщика Council Tax.

Кроме того основываясь на документах о виде на жительство, я могу выдать свидетельство о постоянном проживании на территории Великобритании и адресе проживания за своей подписью и печатью на русском языке. Что значительно облегчит ФМС или офицеру паспортного контроля этом случае проведение экспертизы предоставленных документов и определение вашего резидентского статуса. Образец.

How sanctions against Russia are hitting UK businesses

November , 2014. Caroline Bayley, In Business, BBC Radio 4                      

Western leaders are prepared to tighten sanctions further against Russia, according to the UK foreign office.

Introduced after Russia's intervention in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, sanctions imposed on Russia - and then by Russia in retaliation - are already making life difficult for some UK businesses.

At SMD, a specialist engineering firm in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, they make sophisticated robots which operate on the seabed, doing the job of deep-sea divers.

These are used for developing oil fields all over the world.

SMD relies on its exports, and one fifth of its market is in Russia.

That stopped when targeted economic sanctions against Russia by the US and the EU were announced at the end of July.

These banned trade with certain sectors in Russia: defence, some banking, and the oil and shale gas industry; as well as with key individuals.

Andrew Hodgson, chief executive of SMD, highlights the damage to his business, especially as it can take three to four years to win a major sub-sea contract.

"Imagine we're a 500 employee business and 20% of your business doesn't exist, that's 100 jobs and obviously we've been working hard on the technology," he says.

"We've got a number of significant projects in the pipeline, which we've been working on over a number of years with Russia, which clearly are just in abeyance now and they've just stopped," Mr Hodgson points out. ....›

Putin Signs Law Establishing Gambling Zone in Crimea

July  23, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing the establishment of a gambling zone in Crimea and extending the Krasnodar gambling zone to Sochi, according to a statement published on the official web portal of legal information on Wednesday.
The statement says that Crimean authorities will determine the borders of the new gambling zone. The Crimean leaders already said that they will either spread gambling facilities across the peninsula, or establish a gambling zone in the south coast of Crimea, near the town of Yalta, where the majority of resorts are located.
At the same time, the borders of the Krasnodar gambling zone will now be set by the Russian government so that the territory of Sochi will be included..

Baltic States Honorary Consulates in the United Kingdom

March  14, 2014. I updated my site with the list of Baltic States Honorary Consulates in the United Kingdom. There are contact details of Honorary Consuls of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in the United Kingdom. Can be found here."" this="" title="Russia increasingly attractive prospect for UK co

UK design services for export: how to become successful working with Russian client

July 28, 2011. A successful story of Russian-British collaboration in the area of design goes back to late 1990-s – early 2000-s, when such Russian brands (now among the most valued domestic ones, by the way) as Russian Standard Vodka (1998, Identica) and MTS (2006, Wolff Olins) were designed. That was the crucial moment, when the biggest Russian business entities from various industry sectors realised the power and value of the design and branding ‘made in Britain’.                                                                                      

Soon it has become quite popular and prestigious for the emerging and established Russian businesses to reach out to the major UK design consultancies for the ‘design and branding services’. Since that time some large creative agencies such as Identica, Wolff Olins, Fitch, Claessens and SCG London have become the best-known UK design groups in Russia having some fruitful experience of collaboration with Russian companies in the area of the brand and design. But what about smaller niche agencies? Do they have any chance to make their mark and difference on the new unexplored yet attractive Russian market? “They absolutely do” — proves David Rogers, the owner and creative partner of a small Nottingham-based packaging and brand design consultancy We Are Pure. ....›

Russia in $10bn move to tempt investors

March 06, 2011. The Financial Times, Henny Sender in Paris and Catherine Belton in Moscow. The Russian government is setting up a $10bn fund to co-invest with leading international private equity firms in an effort to attract foreign capital to the country, and has asked Goldman Sachs informally to guide the project, according to people familiar with the matter.

Separately, Russia is also creating a committee to advise Dmitry Medvedev, Russian president, on transforming Moscow into an international financial centre. Members will include Goldman’s chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, Blackstone’s founder Steve Schwarzman, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase and Brian Moynihan of Bank of America, as well as representatives from BNP Paribas and UniCredit among others.

The $10bn fund initiative comes directly from Mr Medvedev, these people add. The firms that have been approached include Apollo Management, Blackstone and Carlyle among others, and each is considering its response

UK architects and engineers plan to participate in regeneration of                 St. Petersburg

March 04, 2011. Gareth Ward Consul General, St Petersburg. This week a delegation from the St Petersburg city authorities and business is visiting London and Manchester. As well as exploring energy efficient building approaches in London, they will be meeting Manchester City Council to talk about how former industrial areas such as Salford Quays have been redeveloped. And they will be meeting a number of UK architects, planners and engineers who have delivered these projects.

The scope for regeneration in St. Petersburg is huge. Industry is moving out of the city centre and leaving behind brownfield sites which need the kind of integrated approach, with transport and social infrastructure, which has worked in Salford. As Europe’s 4th biggest city, and with a spectacular historic centre to showcase, St Petersburg deserves dynamic regeneration projects. UK companies are well placed to take part in that process. .....›  

Russian Architects Face Western Competition

The ongoing construction boom in Russia has brought about a problem that only 10 years ago none of the experts could see coming. Russian developers maintain that amid the significant growth of the construction market and increase in the number of high-end, upscale projects, this country does not have enough talented architects. However, in a market environment a lucrative niche cannot remain vacant for very long, and this vacuum is now gradually being filled by foreign architects and designers ......›

Doing Business 2011: Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs. The Russian Federation.

November 16, 2010. Doing Business 2011: Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs. The Russian Federation, the eighth in a series of annual reports published by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

The Doing Business report provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 183 economies and selected cities at the subnational level. The report does not try to assess broader questions of governance, such as macroeconomic policy or overall levels of corruption, even though these have a big effect on how easy it is to do business. What it does measure are the petty bureaucracy and onerous rules that can make life a nightmare for firms.

My expertise was kindly provided for "Starting a Business", "Enforcing Contracts" and  "Employing Workers" sections of the report. Download 

SHIFT mag - Europe talks to Brussels. Europe's Borders - Kaliningrad.
by Sergey Naumkin
                                                                                                            Ask a random group of Europeans where Kaliningrad is located and you will find it hard to get a correct answer. But ask a resident of Kaliningrad what he knows about Europe and you will be quite surprised: not only can they talk about Warsaw or Berlin, but they have often spent more time there than on their home territory of Russia. Therein lies the paradox of the Kaliningrad region: it is much closer to Europe than to the Russian mainland. .....›
Development of gambling zone in the Kaliningrad region

A new Federal Law No 244-FZ “On State Regulation of Gambling and Introduction of Amendments to Certain Legal Acts of the Russian Federation” was adopted by the State Duma on December 20, 2006 and came into effect as of January 1,2007. This Federal Law prohibits gambling as well as determines that four gambling zones shall be established in the territory of the Russian Federation. All gambling houses were to have been relocated to the above-said four zones by July 1, 2009. One of four gambling zones Yantarnaya (Amber) is to be established in the Kaliningrad Region, Russia's Baltic exclave.

A zone total area will be 1170,029 ha including: 479,144 ha – hotel and gambling facilities; 690,885 ha – a recreational zone without any gambling facilities. Resorts & hotels with casinos – 16, resorts &hotels without casinos – 20, gambling machines – 20.000, gambling tables 800, rooms in the resorts & hotels with casinos - 18.800, rooms in the resorts & hotels with casinos 16.200. Gambling establishment planned to accommodate in one of the most beautiful places of the Kaliningrad region – between villages Povarovka and Okunevo which is further south than small resort town of Jantarny.

On the territory of zone it is intended to create six parks including one sports park, an oceanarium, a world travel park etc. It is also planned to build hotels with more than 30,000 rooms of which ten hotels allowing for gambling facilities, and 15 hotels with therapeutic treatment centres not allowing for any gambling establishments; as well as theatres, shopping and business centres, berths for yachts and other attractions.
Based on the findings of the site design documentation, the recreational gaming zone will be divided into 30 land plots with the necessary documentation prepared for each of them. Kaliningrad Regional Government abandoned their initial idea to sell land plots at an open auction and instead planning to let them out for lease.

For more information here is the link to the Kaliningrad Regional Government website page with gaming zone plans and Kaliningrad Regional Government Decree “On endorsement of “Yantarnaya” gaming zone territory planning for placement of capital construction objects of regional significance”

Open Dialogue - a training programme for lawyers from the Kaliningrad region of Russia

I finished management of the second stage of the programme “Open Dialogue” – a training programme for lawyers from the Kaliningrad region of Russia in European human rights standards. In December 17 - 23, 2007 Russian delegation visited the University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre and met representatives of the British criminal justice system, including the Magistrates Court and Crown Court, Crown Prosecution Service, Barristers, Victim and Witness Protection and the Police. photo

The first stage of the programme was previously successfully completed in Kaliningrad, supported by Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Russia, Global Opportunity Fund Sustainable Development Programme and provided an intensive training from March - June 2007. It consisted of a number of seminar courses, organized by the Kaliningrad Resource Informational Analytical Centre (RIAC), providing human rights training for practicing lawyers representing the Courts of General Jurisdiction, Military Courts, Militias and Bar Associations on European standards of human rights.

Why it is worth making investments in Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad region is the most western region, separated from the mainland of the Russian Federation. Due to its geographical and political location, especially after Poland’s and Lithuania’s joining the EU, the Kaliningrad region is gaining a new challenge of extending and developing co-operation with the European countries in various fields, first and foremost, in economics. This site of Kaliningrad City Hall give you very useful  economic and legal information on investment environment in this region.

Adoption in Kaliningrad

Recently I have received a large number of queries about adopting children from Kaliningrad and Russia in general and decided to try and help people hoping to adopt.  The following article translated into English gives you some background information on adoption in Kaliningrad and I am happy to help directly should you wish to commission my professional support. I can help with translation of documents through to full legal support with my partners in Russia. I can help guide you through the whole process as Russian legislation on adoption from abroad is complicated and you will need an English speaking Russian on your side. .....›

It is very difficult now for Americans to adopt as a new law has been passed by the Russian Parliament that bans the adoption the Russian children by U.S. families. Law effective January 1, 2013. But I am closely monitoring the situation and will be well informed on subsequent changes.


Main Taxes Rates in Russia






Profits tax


20% of the profit – main rate


Simplified tax


6% ("revenue" base); 15% ("revenue less listed expenses” base")


Withholding Tax


Foreign legal entities are subject to a withholding tax

15% - dividends